How to make a big impact with your business cards


Business cards are an important part of your professional communication. They’re often a first point of contact so you will want your business card to be memorable. And by memorable, you want them to be memorable in a good way.

Just remember these two good reasons why business cards are important:

  • They act as a great icebreaker. Swap business cards with someone and now you have an icebreaker. Talk about how you made yours and ask about theirs.
  • They give people a way to connect with you in the future. They are an invitation to continue your conversation with someone because you won’t always get as much face time as you need when you first meet.

Make it interactive

These business cards feature a sctrach off box that reveals the contact information.

Business cards that actually make music.


These business cards can patch your bike tire when you’re in a bind.

Build a mini model plane out of these creative business cards.

Use icons to show off your skills

Want a way to show off what you can do? There are loads of icon sets around the internet that you can use to help illustrate your skills. There are over 70 sets for your to check out over here.

Show off your personality

All of the choices that you make when designing your business card reflect upon you as a person so put some personality in there!


Include a little package of confetti and sparkly letters that spell out something such as “yay” that people can do as they please with. It adds a punch of personality and is sure to make a lasting impression with the people that she meets.

Put your favourite emoji on there.


Make it clear what you do

With the right design, it can take people just one glance at your business card to figure out what you do. Plus it can make for a pretty interesting design!

These business cards for a hairdresser are both interactive and still make it really obvious what kind of business these cards are for.

One look at this camera card and there’s no doubt that these are for a photographer.

Select your fonts carefully

This is a font that would make a lasting impression on a business card.
We’re digging this beautiful handmade font. It would look great on a business card and definitely stand out.
Font Squirrel is a great resource for finding excellent font faces that you can use for free! Free is good, we all like free.

Be consistent with your personal branding


If you have a website or are in the process of job hunting, make all of these things look similar so you can carry on your own personal branding. Visual cues like using the same fonts, icons and imagery will help people to recognize each of these things as being an extension of your personal branding. If you use Futura for the title tags on your website, find a way to use Futura on your business card.

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