10 flyers that are too excellent to get left behind

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If you’ve heard that print is dead then you may want to rethink that. There’s loads of great and necessary print out there and once you look at these leaflet designs, you’ll understand. Flyers are a great way to give people some information to take with them if they’re interested and need a product list, details on the services offered, instructions, menu, or details on a new program. If your leaflet looks good and communicates the information that your customer wants to know then it has done it’s job. Also don’t forget to include some important contact info and the address of your website so they know where to turn for more information.

Anyway, back to design. We’ve gathered some awesome flyer designs from around the internet. Nobody leaves these flyers in a corner.

1. Pieria & Don


2. Chicago Housing Guide


3. MoMA Teens Mailer


4. Leaflet that folds into a table


5. Active Gym and Fitness Studio


6. Jazz Club leaflet


7. Occupy Wall Street


8. Retro barbershop brochure


9. Joel Crain Fitness leaflet


10. A4 real estate flyer


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