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tree-blog-header-tphWe can’t hold it in any longer, we need to share our news with all of you: we’ve partnered with The Carbon Farmer to create a forest. That’s right, our very own living, breathing forest that exists somewhere out in Alberta.

For each new account that is opened, you’ll receive a tree in our TPH forest. The tree represents an actual tree that has been planted in a Canadian forest and is helping to support the restoration of Canadian forests. You will be given a code to redeem your tree, which you can personalize with a dedication to a loved one, pet, coworkers, or plant your tree on behalf of your company. That part is up to you!

What is the TPH Forest?


The TPH Forest is something that we have created in a partnership with The Carbon Farmer. The forest is made up of four types of trees: white spruce, balsam poplar, lodgepole pine, trembling aspen. These trees have been carefully selected by an environmental professional to help repopulate the forest and bring back the native wildlife to the area. This particular forest is located in Alberta and we hope to eventually have forests that are local to each province where we have branches.

Why are we planting trees?


According to the University of California at Berkeley, roughly one tree yields 80,500 sheets of standard letter paper. Having our own forest is an idea that we have been talking about for a while now and we weren’t sure how to go about it. When we found out about Carbon Farmer, it was a partnership that made sense! Trees are necessary for our business so if there are ways that we can give back and help out Canadian forests, we are all for it. But when we do choose paper, we do our best to use paper from responsibly managed forests. That’s why we’re also environmentally certified by FSC®, PEFC™, and SFI®.

I have a code, how do I plant my tree?


Hey, we’re glad you asked!

     1. Head over to
     2. Enter your code and hit the “validate” button to the right
     3. Continue filling out the form – personalize it as much as you’d like!
     4. When you’re done, click “plant your tree” and your tree will be added to the forest

Totally easy. Check back to see the progress of the forest and view the forest stats! Thank you for joining us in caring for our environment and helping to restore Canadian forests.

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