These emails acted out in real life show how bad we all are at email

Some people are just really bad at email. You know that if you receive a bad email, you’re silently judging the other person. Before you send that next email, STOP. Check out the above video from Tripp and Tyler to see some bad emails acted out in real life. Don’t be one of those people. You’d better make sure that you’re not committing one of these email sins.

Thou shalt not:

  • Leave your “Out of Office” on when you’re actually back in the office.
  • Abuse the “reply all” button when you really only need to reply to the sender of the email.
  • Have a ridiculously long signature and use it unnecessarily.
  • Forget to attach the actual attachment you refer to in your email.
  • Send people links to cat videos that everyone saw last year (looking at you, mom).
  • Pose as a Nigerian prince looking for money (you know the emails we’re talking about).
  • Spam people.
  • Attempt to send massive documents and be surprised when it doesn’t work.
  • Cover emails in legal jargon that no one cares or understands.
  • Let emails amount to the point of a full inbox.
  • Hit send without double checking exactly who you’re sending to.
  • And as a little bonus, here’s another great video by the same people, but instead of email in real life, we’re talking conference calls in real life.

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