12 useful things that you can 3D print

3d-print-headerA few months ago we posted 16 things that you can 3D print with your MakerBot and we thought it was time to revisit Thingiverse and see what else they had to offer. We’ve gathered some of the most useful things that we found – from phone cases to a jewellery tree. Check out some of the most useful stuff that you can 3D print!

1. Bike planter

Add a small planter to your bike and have some greenery with you on the go.

2. Jewellery tree

It’s useful and decorative! Here’s an easy way to organize your jewellery.

3. Zipper handle

Don’t you hate it when you break a zipper pull? Save old bags and hoodies by 3D printing yourself a new one.

4. Fully printable padlock

An actual working padlock that has a five-lever tumbler mechanism that opens with the correct key. (Or if you’re the Nancy Drew of lock-picking.)

5. Piano sustain pedal

Meant for an electric piano, you can 3D print your own sustain pedal. There’s also a helpful YouTube video on the page to help assemble it.

6. Cherry pit removal tool

Cherry pits are annoying so this person created this little tool to easily remove them.

7. Ghost headphone wrap

Keep your headphones tangle-free with this ghost shape that you can wrap them around when they’re not in use.

8. Measuring spoons in hard-to-find and useful sizes

Sometimes you just don’t have a measuring spoon in the perfect size so…just 3D print what you need. For example, the creator made a specific 2 tsp measuring spoon so his brother can make the perfect cup of tea every time.

9. Ben Heck’s chip clip

SOS! Save your snacks. Keeps your chips fresh with this chip clip that easily goes on to the bag.

10. Very slim iPhone 6 case

Probably not the most protective of iPhone cases, but if you’re looking to add some colour to your iPhone then here’s a template to use.

11. Structure clock

We love this simple wall and table clock design. You can vary the colour and fill to suit your style and the finished product looks pretty cool.

12. Bike clamp for HTC-Wildfire-S on Bontrager handlebar

I wouldn’t want to ride over any bumps just in case, but this bike clamp that allows a phone to snap into the handlebar is pretty cool in theory. I’ll let someone else test how it works.

What’s your favourite thing on Thingiverse?

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