Print off these office approved valentines for your coworkers


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! We noticed that there is a serious lack of office appropriate valentines out there. If you feel inclined to send some out to your coworkers, below are some office approved valentines that aren’t too awkward to share at work. Just download and print them off (and maybe throw in some candy for the people you can truly tolerate).

1. You cure my case of the Mondays.


Or at least they make Monday bearable.

2. You mean more to me than my second cup of coffee.


We would say first but you know that would be a straight up lie. Nothing means more than the first coffee.

3. If it weren’t for you our only corporate culture would be the stuff growing in the fridge.


May your corporate culture exist outside of the mold in the fridge.

» Download them all in one big PDF

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