9 infographics that every graphic designer will love


Oh how we love infographics and we’ve gathered some more to share! The topics cover everything including design principles, logos, colour, the psychology of business cards, and simply how to inspire more creativity within yourself. The following is a collection of some of our favourite infographics that we thought the graphic designers out there may appreciate too. Enjoy!

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1. Creativity Tip Sheet

If you ever feel creatively stuck then refer to this for ideas to help inspire you to get, well, unstuck.

2. Target With Colour

How do you use colour? Learn what colours appeal most to what people and how you can use colour to decode brands.

3. The 6 Principles of Design

Whether you are designing for web or print, it’s important to consider design principles and apply them to your work.

4. What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

Find out what your corporate colours and font says about your business.

5. 40 Ways To Stay Creative

When you need some creativity, try some of the things on this list to get inspired again.

6. The Psychology of Colour

Colour theory is wildly powerful. Here’s the psychology behind colours that get as specific as their Pantone numbers.

7. How To Design Your Business Card With Psychology in Mind

Keeping on the theme of psychology in design, here’s how to be clever while designing your next business cards.

8. Graphic Designer’s Road Map

This infographic serves as a road map to help guide graphic designers with tips from fellow people in the field. Because every little bit helps.

9. Serif vs. Sans Serif: The Final Battle

Are you Team Serif or Team Sans Serif? Decide for yourself after you learn the differences about them in this great typography-themed infographic.

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Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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