Download and print your own holiday gift tags, wrapping paper, and bows


It’s the season of festive freebies! Download and print gift tags, holiday bows, and wrapping paper to step up your wrap game this holiday season.

Whether you’re wrapping up presents for the family, friends, or need some last minute wrapping for the office Secret Santa, we’ve created some holiday printables so your gifts will be looking great. Enjoy perusing the following printables and wrapping your gifts!

Gift tags

Download and print some gift tags that’ll look great on your gifts this holiday season.
1. Chalkboard style

Download this set

2. May your tags be merry and bright

Download this set

3. Blue Christmas

Download this set

4. Deck the halls and your gifts

Download this set

5. Joy to the world

Download this set

Wrapping paper


Download: red and green stripes | pattern | red, green, and white stripes

Wrapping paper: Hanukkah edition

Download PDF

Printable paper bows

For instructions on how to put these bows together, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

1. Red and green bows

Download: solid colours, stripes

2. Merry and bright bows

Download: the first two | the second two

3. Blue Christmas bows

Download this set

4. Watercolour style bows

Download: blue watercolour | pink watercolour

How to assemble bows

Step one: Cut out the three pieces that you’ll need for the bows. (You’ll also need tape or glue!)
Step two: Take the longest piece and attach the two ends. Next, attach the two thin parts of that piece together with a piece of tape or dot of glue to form a bow shape.
Step three: Attach that piece that you just used to the middle of the second largest piece.
Step four: Take the small rectangle and wrap it around the middle part to cover your tape or glue.

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