16 things you can 3D print with your MakerBot

The secret’s out, we’ve been experimenting with 3D printing. We have been obsessed ever since we have gotten a few MakerBots in head office. We’re still working on perfecting things, but it’s been fun seeing what cool things we can create for our customers.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite projects from Thingiverse so you can start brainstorming how you’d use 3D printing with your marketing. Imagine creating unique marketing items that you could give out to your customers featuring your logo. There are so many possibilities but what would you create?

1. Smartphone holder


Create a cool phone stand that’ll prop your phone up at your desk.

2. Toothpaste pusher

Get every last bit of toothpaste in the tube with this useful 3D printed pusher.

3. Octopus tablet stand

This stand for your tablet or iPad is so creative.

4. Easy to print vase

Add some 3D print decor to your office or home with these cool vases.

5. Eiffel tower figurine

You don’t need to go to Paris to get your own Eiffel Tower figurine.

6. Pencil holder

This pen and pencil holder is decorative and, most importantly, functional.

7. Heavy duty bags holder

Create some useful bag holders. Throw your logo on there and you’ll have some unique swag to give to customers.

8. Carabiner

It may not be the strongest carabiner, but this is useful for lighter loads and as a keychain.

9. Pencil shelf

We love this cool pencil shelf that you can create using 3D printing. It’d add some personality to your office!

10. Skull

To print, or not to print, that is the question.

11. Robot

Here’s a little robot to hang out on your desk.

12. Secret shelf

Keep your valuable protected in this secret shelf.

13. Math spinner toy

This math spinner toy will make a cool learning game for your kids.

14. Cable spool

Keep your cables organized with this cable spool.

15. Customizable drawer box

More organization! Customize this drawer box to suit your needs.

16. Jointed robot

Here’s another cool robot design, this time with joints.

What would you print with a 3D printer?


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