The do’s and don’ts of direct mail marketing


If you’re going to put the time, effort, and money into doing a direct mail campaign then you want to make sure that you do it right. Here are some dos and don’t to keep in mind before you do your next mail drop.
Here’s what to do!

Do start with a plan.

Take the time to plan out your piece. You’ll want to figure out whether you’re going to do addressed or unaddressed mail, what you’re main messaging is going to be, and what size of mail you’re going to send. This will all help you determine what Canada Post rules you’ll need to follow, which leads us to…

Do follow the rules set by Canada Post.

Do it right the first time and you’ll save money. You can brush up on the Canada post guidelines over here.

Do use smart personalization.

There’s no need to force it, but if it makes sense, adding some personalization to your mail piece helps to grab attention. You can have variable names, images, and messaging for your pieces so that you can tailor each piece to the recipients.

Do have a great call to action.

What’s a great call to action for a direct mail piece? It’s something that gives your customer a clear understanding of what the next step is they’re supposed to take. A great call to action is also something that you can track.

Do include an offer or discount.

Give them an offer that they can’t resist. Also consider how to phrase it in a way that sounds the most enticing to the recipients. Which will sound better to them – 15% off or $10 off your next order?

Do find a way to track your results.

Whether it’s using personalized URLs, a 1-800 number, or special offer codes so you can tell when someone responds to your mail piece. It’s a good way to report back to your boss about how awesome you are at your job.

Do use direct mail to show your gratitude.

If it’s nearing the end of the year (AHEM) then send out a thank you to your customers for a great year and giving them an offer to bring them back in the new year. Everyone likes to feel appreciated so give it a try. I bet you’ll thank me for this tip.

On the flip side…

Don’t try to say too much at once.

Have a focused message and you’ll have better results. Focus on one main message and build your piece around that.

Don’t skimp on the creative.

It may be tempting to rush through the design so you can get your mail piece out into the world, but don’t underestimate the power of some great graphic design. It can catch the eye of your customer. Also don’t forget that less is more when it comes to design. Make it slick and keep it simple.

Don’t make it difficult for customers to respond.

Include important details like your website or a landing page, address, phone number, email – give them options on how to get in contact!

Don’t skip proofreading!

Before you send out any piece to your customers, get someone you trust to look over it and check for any errors. Have them look at more than spelling and grammar, is there any important information that’s missing? Having a fresh pair of eyes checking out your piece will help catch something that you may have missed the first time around.

Don’t abuse the capslock.

No one likes a shouter, but it will draw attention. Instead of capitalizing lines and lines of text, use caps to point out the really important information so that they REMEMBER THE DARNED DETAILS.

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