Everything that you need to know about typography through infographics

Typography is an important part of design and print. Mastering typography is an important step to becoming a great designer and it’s important that designers understand how it works and how it impacts the reader. We’ve gathered a bunch of our favourite infographics that focus on typography so you can brush up on all sorts of typographic facts. You’ll be a pro by the end of this post.

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A Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide

You don’t always have to be original when it comes to type, you just need to be good. This infographic gives you a rundown of the basics to help you get to the point of being good at typography.

A Brief Introduction to Typography

This introduction to typography gives information such as a brief history of the top 10 typefaces, educates about the different classifications of type, and more.

Guide to Typography and Fonts

This handy infographic is full of information about typography. It deconstructs the different parts of letters so you can tell your ascenders from your descenders and helps teach you how to talk the talk when it comes to type terms.

Bold and Justified

Get a timeline of the typographic revolution and information regarding different type families and how typography differs around the world.

A History of Western Typefaces

You’ll learn lots of little facts with this infographic which features milestones and random tidbits related to the history of type in the Western world. Find out when your least favourite fonts (Comic Sans and Papyrus) were designed and when the world discovered that Wes Anderson is obsessed with Futura.

So You Need a Typeface

Okay so this is more of a flowchart than an infographic, but it’s pretty awesome. If you’re looking for a typeface to use for a project, simply follow it for a recommendation on what to use.

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