17 packaging designs that put other packages to shame

An easy way to make your product stand out on the shelves is with a clever and unique packaging design. Bonus points awarded to you if your packaging is useful. We’ve collected some of our favourite packaging designs from around the web. Go on and get inspired!

1. A sushi take away container that uses chopsticks for the handle.

01-brilliant packaging

2. See the world through rosé coloured glasses on this wine bottle.

02-brilliant packaging

3. Packaging for wool that adds some whimsical hair to these faces.

03-brilliant packaging

4. Flower arrangements that are easy to grab and go.

04-brilliant packaging

5. Packaging that turns into twist ties for cords.

07-brilliant packaging

6. A package that highlights the product and its purpose.

08-brilliant packaging

7. Easily serve up a slice with this pizza packaging.

09-brilliant packaging10-brilliant packaging

8. Great sandwich packaging that tells you about what’s in the box.

11-brilliant packaging

9. Get your cupcakes fresh from the oven box.

12-brilliant packaging

10. This matchbox that emphasizes how much cargo this truck could carry.

13-brilliant packaging

11. These cute packages for towels that will help erase the dirt from your body.

14-brilliant packaging

12. Terrific tea packaging that will hang out in your cup.

15-brilliant packaging

13. A bright, colourful illustrated gift box that hints to what’s inside.

16-brilliant packaging

14. Take your coffee and a treat to go in this clever package.

05-brilliant packaging06-brilliant packaging

15. This packaging for Moët Rosé encouraged people to add a personal message with a gold marker.


16. Flower packaging that is perfect for carrying your tulips home without the worry of crushing them.


17. Minimal herb packaging that saves extra waste.


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