15 examples of storefront window decals to inspire you

Sometimes the building your business is in has strict signage rules and it can be difficult to catch the attention of people passing by. A great way to share your message is to make good use of your window space using window decals that capture your brand. Check out these inspiring ideas!

Use vinyl lettering to show off what’s on your menu.

It makes it easy for people to see what you have to offer.


Your store windows can be used to display important info.

Showcase important info such as your store hours.

Or contact information so your customers know what other methods they can reach you. Include social media icons so your customers know whether you’re on Twitter or Facebook or any of the others!

Share a message related to an upcoming holiday or promotion.


Is it getting close to the holidays or do you have a big promotion coming up? Use a stunning window graphic to announce or celebrate it and it will help catch the attention of people passing by.

Get creative with your typography.


Or go for the handwritten touch.

So pretty.


These are often done by hand and drawn directly onto the window, but another option would be to design it on paper ahead of time and simply make that hand-drawn design into decals to save time and the frustration of trying to duplicate it by hand. This is also helpful if you have multiple locations and want the same look for each.

Use a pattern to make it more unique.


It doesn’t entirely keep prying eyes out, but a pattern such as this is distracting to people passing by and gives a sense of privacy.

Or cover things up completely with wrapped vinyl.


Despite outward appearances, you still get loads of natural light through these. Trust me, we just covered our office windows with perforated vinyl wraps like this and we get way more light than when we just had blinds. Bonus: no more need for blinds that collect way too much dust.

Or just show off your awesome logo.

It’s easy for people passing by to see what your business is.



You could also repurpose an old windowframe and use a sticker or vinyl to personalize the glass with whatever you want — a logo, a quote, anything goes.


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