Five tips for having the best sidewalk signage in town

Sidewalk sign and sandwich board printing at TPH The Printing House
Ah, the art of the sidewalk sign or sandwich board or a-frame sign or whatever you want to call it. Some people are experts when it comes to catching the attention of people passing by so what ideas can you borrow from them to make yourself stand out? Go above and beyond just slapping your logo on a sign. We’ve gathered a few pro tips for making some memorable sidewalk signage. Without further ado…

Tip 1: Get punny.

The best sidewalk sign printing at TPH The Printing House
Who doesn’t love a good pun? The best sidewalk signs and sandwich boards tend to involve puns that catch the attention of people passing by. Christopher Walken letting people know that you accept walk-ins is worth a chuckle.

Tip 2: Let your artists showcase their stuff.

Chalkboard sidewalk sign printing at TPH The Printing House
If you have some creative people on staff, having a chalkboard sidewalk sign allows them to flex their creative muscles. I always look forward to seeing what the sandwich boards at David’s Tea will have on them. Bonus: we can get a chalkboard vinyl so you can turn one of our sidewalk signs into a piece of chalk art for your sidewalk! (If you don’t have any artistic bones in your body, revert back to tip #1 and get clever with it.)

Tip 3: It doesn’t just have to be on a literal sign.

footprint sign and design at TPH The Printing House
Sometimes the most creative option is to change up the format. Depending on the context, it may make more sense to have vinyl cutouts on the ground. It’s great for pointing out a new location or creating a footprint path to where you want people to go.

Tip 4: When in doubt, use some buzzwords.

Sandwich boards with handle

Snap frame sandwich board
Instead of just saying “this way to the consignment shop,” spell out what that means using buzzwords that will catch the attention of people passing by. It’s more interesting and still gets the message across loud and clear. Draw people in with describing what’s in it for them rather than just showing off your logo because people may not know what it is.

Also: the handle on the sandwich board makes it super easy to move and bring in at night. The second photo features a snap frame sandwich board, which is useful for changing up your message when you want to.

Tip 5: Use your bragging rights.

Won any awards lately? Show off your stuff. Use your sign to tell everyone that you were voted the best café in Vancouver or that you make the tastiest tacos in Toronto. Use it to show off a glowing Yelp review (or poke fun at one).

Ready to get the ball rolling on some signs for your business? Check out our offerings.

Sidewalk sign printing at TPH The Printing House

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