Why we love stickers (and you should too!)

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When it comes to some easy marketing solutions, we’re a pretty big fan of stickers. They’re easy to design and there are different options to choose from depending on what the final application is going to be. You can play around with custom shapes, textures, make them reflective, create them in metallic colours, and so on. There are so many possibilities and combinations that you can do to make your stickers really cool.

Sure, we may be a little biased as a printing company, but read on to find out why you should love stickers too.

They’re an easy solution for name tags.

If you’re holding a conference, open house, or any other event then stickers are a cheap option that you can use to create name tags. Sure, you could go with the boring ones from the dollar store or you could create something special and tailored for your event. Add your logo and leave a space for people to fill in their name. If you’re social media-savvy then add the event hashtag and a space for people to add their Twitter handles.

They work for labels and packaging too!

Use stickers to create custom labels for anything that you need. Labels are a great touch for packaging or labelling jars. If you know someone who is into canning or making their own jam, creating a custom label for them makes for a thoughtful and useful gift idea. DIY packaging for the win.

You can slap your logo on a sticker.

Come on, all the cool kids are doing it. Creating a sticker version of your logo is an easy way to get your logo out there for some extra brand awareness. Follow in the footsteps of Apple and include a sticker with each purchase or just keep some stickers on hand to give out at events. It’s such an easy way to gain some extra brand awareness. Who doesn’t love that?

They make your mail more unique.

Create your own custom mailing labels that you can use for your marketing along with any other mailing that you have to do. Address labels and any other mailing labels that you need look even better when they’re customized. Bonus: an amazing 94% of Canadians will open mail if it’s from a company they know…so make it obvious on the envelope!

Do you use stickers for your business or marketing?

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