13 functional (and fun!) business cards

These functional business card designs are beyond just eye-catching designs. These business cards serve some sort of purpose where you can actually use them. Whether they play music, you can chomp down on them, or patch a tire with them (really!), you can get creative and relate your business cards back to whatever you’re in the business of.

1. It’s a bird, it’s a plane!

No, really, it’s a plane. Norburn Model Aircraft Supply specializes in model and radio controlled aircrafts. The agency Rethink Communications helped them created a glider business card that actually works once assembled. You can check out a video of the assembly of it over here.

2. This card will be music to your ears

This business card for an experimental music duo can be fed through a music box, providing a unique experience. Ritornell plays improvised concerts where audience members are encouraged to bring along their own music boxes and from there they got the idea to promote themselves in this way. Their contact information along with different mini compositions are included with these original business cards.

3. Cards to cure altitude sickness

This business card is made out of coca leaf, which helps to alleviate symptoms of altitude sickness. This hostel in Peru uses these incredibly useful business cards since it often hosts backpackers who make their way up to Cuzco. You can see a video about them here.

4. Patch up your bike and get on your way

Ever get a flat tire when you’re nowhere near your friendly neighbourhood bike shop? This business card for Broke Bike Alley acts as a patch that’ll help keep you going until you can get back to the shop for a fix.

5. Crack one open with this card

bottle opener card
This business card double as a bottle opener for a beverage company in Brazil. It backs up their brand since you can use it to open their products!

6. This business card will get a little cheesy

Here’s a business card you don’t see every day. This business card created for a specialty cheese store acts as a functional mini cheese grater. Not only is it useful, but it reinforces their brand and gives people a business card worth keeping.

7. Business card for cropping IRL

This square business card features perforations that create a frame that looks like the crop tool in Photoshop. Using this as a guide, it will help you snap photos that you plan on cropping down to a square – especially useful if you’re an avid instagram user.

8. See things clearly with this magnifying glass card

If you’re having some eye trouble, these business card for an Ophthalmology Clinic can help. They act like a magnifying glass and help you see, just as the clinic will help to improve your vision. Brilliant business card idea? We think so.

9. Fold out this business card map

These business cards fold up to look like a mini map of the Vancouver area and show the location for the shop right on there. They represent the store and their products while also helping to get you in there.

10. Spark your creativity with a matchbox business card

Fuelhaus is a brand management agency that uses a matchbox as their business card. Giving out something like this as a business card encourages people to hold on to your contact information and this way they’ll always have it on hand.

11. Plant this seed card and watch it grow

“Plant my contact info into your address book, then plant this card into the ground. Water, and watch it grow. Snap a photo and send it to me.” This business card has a secondary purpose and even includes a call to action. It’s a clever way to tie in the company name (Aster Avenue) with the flowers blooming asters.

12. A card fit for a coach

The design of this card allows for the card to be functional without any extra bells and whistles. Simply by designing a mini soccer pitch on the front, it allows people to map out potential plays on the card.

13. Check your tire depth

This card for a tire company is helpful for letting people know when it’s time to invest in new tires. They keep their customers safe by having a way to gauge using the card when the depth of their tires is too low and it’s time for their customers to come see them again.

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