What’s the ideal music for your job? This infographic will tell you.

I’m one of those people who prefers to listen to music as they work so I’ll often have my headphones in while I’m plugging away. There have been various studies in the past and you may have heard of things such as the Mozart effect, which says that listening to Mozart supposedly makes people smarter. Whether there is truth to that or not, it’s not much of a secret that music has an impact on our brain in some capacity.


So when it comes to listening to music at work, what tunes help boost your creativity? What kind of music is good for brainstorming and what should you listen to when you switch gears to production mode?

When it comes to being creative, loud music isn’t the best option. A moderate noise level promotes creativity. Ambient noise is just enough noise to not distract us from pursuing creative ideas. When it comes to production, you’re better off listening to something with a steady, driving beat to help you get things done without distraction. Sometimes it helps to listen to music that contains few words, like Classical music, when you’re writing something.

If you spend a lot of time crunching numbers, music that has a steady beat will help you to focus. If you’re working on a creative project, baroque and classical music help to stimulate brain activity and get that creativity flowing. If you’re doing something athletic, something with a higher BPM or tempo is your best bet to bet to push yourself.


What do you listen to while you work?

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