These three pieces will make you rethink print


Sometimes you find a print piece that dazzles you. It pushes you to think beyond your standard brochure or piece of print marketing. The following three pieces of print are certainly slicker than your average. Go on and get inspired to create something different:

The Barbecue Book

The Brazilian company Tramontina worked with the ad agency JWT Brazil to create a unique book that can be used to promote their cookware line. Each page includes something that’s necessary in the BBQ process. There are pages to help start the fire, a page that is an apron, aluminum foil, and even a page that can sharpen a knife. We bet you haven’t seen a book quite like this before! While the book in the video was aimed for professional chefs, they will also be selling a simplified version in stores.

Nivea’s Sun Advertisement

Another unique print idea out of Brazil. This time in the form of a clever print advertisement that acts as a solar power charger for a phone. This ad was created by Giovanni + Draftfcb and promotes Nivea’s Sun line. There’s a panel that captures sun rays and converts it to energy for your phone via the port.

The Drinkable Book

On a heavier but very inspiring note, Waterislife worked with engineers and scientists from Carnegie Mellon and the University of Virginia to create the Drinkable Book. They created a unique card stock that is coasted with silver nanoparticles that work to filter out bacteria by 99.9 percent – which is comparable to our tap water.

Have you seen any inspiring pieces of print? Share them with us!

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