The best ways to utilize postcards for your business


Don’t be fooled, postcards aren’t simply for mailing to your friends and family while you’re on vacation. They can be useful when mixed with business too. Whether your objective is to make an impact on customers and prospects or share some important information, postcards can help you out. The standard postcard size is 4″x6″ and they may be small, but they’re mighty. Here are some ways that you can make postcards work for you:

Create awareness for your next event or promotion.

Keep your customers in the know and catch the attention of prospects. Distribute marketing postcards with important information about your next big event or promotion so they don’t miss out. A postcard is just the right size to convey the important information you need. Be sure to keep things brief so all of the important information is obvious to the person you’re giving it to.

Collect feedback from customers.

If you’re in need of a handy little feedback form, print postcards for that. Let your customers tell you how you’re doing and keep that feedback on record. If you’re running a conference, have postcards available in each session so attendees can provide their feedback on what they liked and any improvements that could be made for next time.


Share your price list.

This is great for salons and spas for displaying your price list and menu. Customers can easily grab a postcard and keep it on hand at home for easy reference. Don’t forget to add your contact information so they can get in touch with any questions or book their next appointment!

Conduct a quick survey.

If you’re looking for answers, ask the right questions. Run a short survey with customers or prospects using a postcard. It’s quick and easy for collecting feedback and getting answers. Either have them available in a waiting room or give them the option to mail it back and win a prize for completing it.

List out important product specifications.

Are you looking for a way to list out specifications for your customers? Printing them on a postcard makes it easy to distribute. Include a postcard printed with the important specs and any special instructions in with your packaging and they’ll have it all easily on hand.

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