Five quick ways you can improve your menu designs


Creating a menu may seem straightforward in theory. All you really need is a list of things people can order, prices, and maybe a short description. But if you really want to make your restaurant menu design to stand out, follow these quick tips to make sure yours beats out the competition and works for you.

Plan out how you want your menu set up.

Some restaurants have different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some have a separate kids menu or dessert menu. Any part of your menu that you may change frequently (such as offered drinks) should be printed on a separate sheet so it’s easy to reprint and replace.


Show off your specialties.

Use a special icon or type treatment to highlight your signature dishes. Including recommendations right on your menu is always helpful!


The dough is in the details.

Choose a font that fits your branding and is clean and include enough spacing so that it’s easy to read. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with too much text. Also, be sure to proofread! You don’t want any embarrassing or unfortunate typos in there.


Get creative with your copy.

Avoid using menu clichés to describe the food. If you give the food an ethnic label, people will have the perception that the food is more authentic. The way that you label and describe food will affect the way it appeals to people and the way that they describe the taste.



It has been said that centered justification will help distract customers from the prices, since they’re scattered. Instead of scanning down the column to compare the prices, customers are more likely to go for the dishes that they really want.

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