Fourteen fantastic craft beer label designs

There are some great label designs out there. If you’re a beer drinker, you’ve probably stumbled across some eye-catching labels or perhaps you’re someone who selects a new brew based on appearances. We’ve gathered some of our favourites that we’ve found around the web and on shelves. Check out these savvy designs and get some design inspiration.

Bootleg Brewery

The design of this beer label is inspired by the prohibition era and you can tell just from the names of the brews that it’s referencing the events of the liquor trade from that time.

Wotton Brewery

Each style of ale is named after a particular beard style and the designers as Confederation Studio combined playful typography and illustrated characters to give each bottle a personality of its own.

Around the World Beer Flight

The designers were inspired by vintage luggage labels for these brews. Each label features a different major airport from around the world to tie the theme together.

Devil’s Peak Brewery

When Maven’s Agency was looking for beer labels at their rebranding launch party, this is what Rudi de Wet came up with for them. The bold colours and cool type treatments make for memorable bottles.

General Montgomery Brewing Company

This design achieves two things: it speaks to the historic nature of the town this beer is brewed in and gives it some unique branding. The unconventional, custom shape of the labels helps to give it a more contemporary feel.

Anchor Liberty Ale

This craft beer label is one that actually has some history to it, dating back to the 1970s. The illustration features hops and barley in the talons of an eagle to evoke an American image that the brand aims to portray.

Golden Fleece

This design agency was a big fan of beer and had already worked on projects for beer companies so they took the next step and tried making some themselves. Of course they created some excellent labels for their ale.

Lucky Merlin

The design is oriented around how their beer was named – after the owner’s old pet rabbit. The design keeps a fairly muted colour palette and uses vintage style typography often used in the design of craft beer labels.

Safe Point Brewery Co.

Safe Point Brewery Co. were dismayed by the lack of gluten free beers that have great packaging so they created their own. The main objective with this design was to make the packaging so unique and beautiful that you’d forget that it’s gluten free.

Turkey Mountain Brewhaus

Simply put, “good beer deserves a good label.” We couldn’t agree more.

Untapped Beer

The rebrand of this beer uses typefaces that reflect traditional breweries while putting it into a clean, modern design. It’s an ode to the past in the present.

Bondi Brew

Bondi Brew was created as a student project. It draws elements from graffiti seen around Bondi Beach, Aboriginal art, and invites you to experience Australia.

The Bearded Lady Microbrewery

This one is likely another student project, but features a great design. We love the unique shape of the labels and the illustrations that add to the overall concept.

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

If you’ve ever seen a bottle of Beau’s at the store then you know their label design never fails to be unique. We talked to their Creative Director and Graphic Designer about their designs and marketing, read the full thing here!

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

Images from the Dieline and Oh Beautiful Beer.

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