Twelve inspiring and creative packaging designs

You want your packaging to represent your product and your brand. Packaging also has a brief moment to make an impression. For example, packaging on a supermarket shelf has less than three seconds to grab the attention of a consumer. Check out the following examples of great packaging design to get inspired!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown created this classic milk carton design for their new cold brew coffee with milk, which communicates the nostalgia that perfectly goes with their branding identity. Great packaging like this will certainly stand out in the eyes of the consumer. Imagine seeing this on a store shelf!

Omnom Handmade Chocolate

“Packaging is the first visual and last physical contact a brand has with a customer and I wanted it to be a lasting one,” designer André Úlfur Visage told the Dieline. The packaging for this Icelandic chocolate company has progressed from a folded paper wrapper into the envelope box that exists now.

Laster Cut A-Z Record Divivers

Kate Koeppel Design was looking for a nice way to organize their record collection. They came up with these stylish dividers and needed a perfect package for them. That’s how this one-colour box that resembles a turntable was born. The result is simple, but beautiful!

Sticky Fingers Bakeries

This family-owned specialty foods company was releasing a new line of gluten-free scones and they wanted the design to resemble the original line, but still have it’s own uniqueness to it. The result is these inviting boxes complete with a warm colour palette.

Queen Muar’s Money Packet Series

Queen Muar is a bakery in southern Malaysia that wanted some eye-catching money packets for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. The result are these bold and beautiful designs that are in colours not typically found on traditional money packets.

Bakers Everything Bagels

The design on this packaging resembles a bagel while using dough-like typography to fit the product. While the birds weren’t originally intended to be a main part of their branding, they stuck with it due to how appropriate it is for a bread based product.


This design was inspired by the shape of the seeds on different cereal, seeds, and grains. While the design is simple and clean, it is visually appealing and works to showcase the product.

Who Cares Cat Litter

Just because it’s the packaging for cat litter, it doesn’t have to be dull or ugly. This cat litter uses typography with a vintage flair in conjunction with a simple abstract designs that feature one accent colour to give it a classic, natural look you wouldn’t expect from a cat litter brand.


When it comes to preparing food, freshness is important. It is important that the consumer can see the ingredients for these meals within the box so they can ensure that they’re receiving fresh, quality ingredients. Mundial created great box wrappers that carry on that same theme of freshness and uniqueness.

Crazy Good Bread Co

CGB is in the business of sharing their handmade, artisan bread. The bright blue grabs your attention and their packaging is covered in clever, fun copywriting that complements the rest of their brand. We love the way that the box folds out!

Comon Sava

This package looks like an owl whose ears you can pop out to make it look extra realistic. Boxed wine tends to be lower on store shelves so Comon Sava wanted a package that could get noticed from any angle.

Sweet Cream Suds

The concept for this package was for it to have the feel of an old-town general store while using some decorative elements and playful typography. It suits the 100-year-old building that the store is located within in this Texas town.

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