Your small business marketing resource cheat sheet

We know you’re busy. Our marketing team is on the small side so we rely on some handy resources to help us out and make doing business easier. Take a look at some of our favourites and stumble upon something new!


Let’s face it, scrolling through pages of stock photography can get painful. Avoid bad stock photography with Unsplash. Every 10 days they post 10 new photos that you can use for free. They’re great for adding a little something extra to your blog posts.


When it comes to improving your Search Engine Optimization, it helps to have a quick analysis to see how you’re doing. Quicksprout has a free tool that gives you a quick overview along with some pointers on how to improve. It’s a good place to start!


A great service to help manage your email marketing and newsletters is Mailchimp. It offers reporting features and isn’t too difficult to use. It’s worth trying out for your email marketing campaigns.


We were on the hunt for a cheap or free way for us to easily get organized and share tasks. Producteev is free and works across various devices – an easy way to collaborate and get things done with your marketing team.


If you’re looking for information and resources regarding inbound marketing and SEO, HubSpot is great for that. They have templates and whitepapers galore that are definitely helpful, our team loves them.


If you want people to listen to what your business has to say, think about how you say it. Copyblogger is a great resource to follow in order to brush up on your writing skills. From writing a great headline to making a boring topic more interesting, it’s full of great tips and ideas to help improve your business marketing.



Since the death of Google Reader (miss you), a lot of people have switched over to Feedly to help aggregate news for them. This RSS reader is a good alternative for organizing all the websites that you check regularly so you don’t miss a thing.

American Express OPENforum

American Express created this platform called OPENforum as a way to inspire and provide valuable information for small businesses. Take a look around, you’ll probably end up bookmarking it for later.

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