27 noteworthy examples of business card design

Your business card gives people an impression of who you are. You want to make sure that that impression is a great one. The following business cards are all unique examples that certainly aren’t average or boring. Check them out for yourself and get inspired!

1. Coffee card

We have a crush on the design for these Jimmy’s Iced Coffee cards. The design is sure to catch your eye and the unique shape of this business card makes it stand out in a stack while still fitting into your wallet.

2. Slide for more

Slide out the card inside to reveal the contact information on this cool business card. We like the clever reference this card makes to the bars of a graph since it’s for a results coach.

3. Cut it out

Let your name take shape in a unique stencil design. The custom cutting of this business card adds some unique detail that you don’t normally see. It’s definitely memorable.

4. Make it a spectacle

Business cards that reflect the business that you’re in are awesome, so naturally we love these cards for an optician. The custom cut glasses in a variety of frames add a nice dose of personality.

5. Outside the box

Not really a circle, not really a square. These business cards for a graphic designer take shape and show off his great branding, complete with a QR code worked into the design.

6. Good word search

This business card offers an interactive word search, but you won’t have to hunt long for the contact information. It’s all in the answer key. The rounded corners offer a little bit of detail to make it different from your standard business card.

7. Superior indeed

This business card takes the shape of a vintage sign and strays from your average 3.5×2″ business card to create an interesting piece. This design would make for a nice coaster too!

8. Hip to be a square

Rounded-corners on this square business card help to round out the design. It’s nice and small and straight to the point.

9. Video killed the boring business card

One look at these business cards tells you that they have something to do with the video business. We love when it takes one glance to be able to tell what the card is for and these business cards achieve that.

10. Folding floral

At first, this card may look like an average business card that just has a pop of floral colours. All it takes is a couple folds and then you have your own mini bouquet. A great business card for a florist, this is a card worth holding on to.

11. Beardy business card

business card
Business cards for illustrators always have such personality. We love the self-portrait that this one has created for his business card.

12. Pop of neon

pop of neon business cards
We love how these cards use variations on the same colour scheme of white, black, and green.

13. The High Five Factory cards

high five factory business cards
The hand-drawn pattern on this card fits well with their logo. It gives the card some personality and also just looks awesome.

14. Tools of the trade

tools of the trade business card
This is a great business card idea: on the back fill it up with some illustrations on the tools associated with your work. In this case, the tools of the trade for a graphic designer.

15. Partially transparent business cards

This graphic designer has taken the idea of a clear plastic business card and added her information on a piece of paper. Each card features a unique design that makes them all a little bit different. Such a good idea!

16. Put on a friendly face

Here’s another card from a graphic designer/illustrator which features a charming self portrait. We love the style!

17. Get clever with text

It never hurts to show a little humour with your cards. These cards have a clean and simple design and, seriously, you know you’d rather have people email you instead of call too.

18. Beautiful patterned business cards

The colour scheme of these business cards is beautiful and so is the pattern that Amanda has created on them. They definitely stand out from your average business card.

19. These get the seal of approval

These business cards look like they’re straight out of a Wes Anderson film with that flat design, choice of font, and this setup.

20. Ikea business cards

Each colour of these Ikea business cards acts as a different piece of the puzzle. Just like Ikea furniture: you have to assemble it yourself and you may need the help of a couple friends to put it together.

21. Something’s fishy

It won’t take much to bait in some new customers with these bright and colourful business cards.

22. Sharp green and white business cards

We like how the geometric design on the front of these cards reflects the one on the back. It’s a great use of colour to accent the card too!

23. Beautiful personal identity

This personal identity package is beautifully put together with a nice nature motif to it.

24. Striking café business card

The custom cut lightning bolt is an awesome touch to make these business cards stand out. The perfect little jolt.

25. Hello! Cute cards ahead

These business cards are super cute and sure to attract attention.

26. Beautiful artsy cards

Tip to the artists out there: feature some of your art on your business cards to make them more unique!

27. Colourful personal branding

These business cards feature an awesome pop of colour that looks like ink spilled on them. We love the graphic style of these business cards.

What’s a cool business card that you’ve seen lately? Share with us, we’d love to see it!

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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