Business card templates: ten cool and free designs

Your search for beautiful and creative business card templates is over! We’ve prepared some fully editable templates that you can customize. Both the text and colours are fully editable so you can edit to your heart’s desire. The files are all saved as a PDF that’s editable in Illustrator. Go ahead and check them out for yourself.

1. Cupcake

This business card is cute as a cupcake. If you have a bakery or just a sweet tooth, this is a great template to use.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the font: Geared

2. Hive

The cool graphic patterns on this card make it stand out from your average stack of business cards. You want your business card to stand out, don’t you?
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the fonts: Intro and Social Icon

3. Intensity

This business card uses some pop art effects to make a bold statement. Have these business cards printed with a coloured edge or double thick stock to make an even bigger impact.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the font: Cubano

4. Spotlight

Put the spotlight on you with these professional business cards. The monochrome colour palette gives it a sophisticated feel and stray from your traditional white business cards.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the fonts: Carton and Muli

5. Social vibes

Whether you’re a community manager or are an avid user of social media then this is a great card to showcase your interests or skills. The portrait format also offers an interesting perspective instead of sticking with the typical landscape format.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the fonts: Intro and Social Icons

6. Shutter vibes

Similar to the previous card, this card features a cool camera pattern to give it a trendy look. This is perfect for any photographer looking for a business card template.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the fonts: Intro and Social Icons

7. You Had Me at Hello – pink landscape

Hello, is it a business card you’re looking for? Get your story across with this pink landscape version of this awesome business card. Have this business card printed on a thicker stock or consider getting rounded corners to make it even more unique.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the fonts: Carton and Muli

8. You Had Me at Hello – pink portrait

Switch it up and go for the portrait version of this cool business card. Tip: Leave blank space on the back of your business cards so the people receiving your cards can take notes to remember you by. Or better yet, add a personalized message yourself.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the fonts: Carton and Muli

9. You Had Me at Hello – teal landscape

If you’re not feeling the pink version, try teal. Try out some different print finishing options if you want to make your business card stand out even more.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the fonts: Carton and Muli

10. You Had Me at Hello – teal portrait

Here we go again with the teal business card, but this time in a portrait version. But these are customizable so you can choose your own colour palette if you’d prefer.
>>Download now (pdf)
Get the fonts: Carton and Muli

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Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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