The twelve best annual reports

Annual reports can be boring but they don’t have to be. From unique printing techniques to insightful infographics, these reports are a great source of inspiration for designers. Check out these examples of annual reports that get imaginative and could actually be considered – gasp – fun to read.

1. Associated British Foods Annual Report

This annual report for the ABF combines a clean design with a great use of imagery to help create a report that you want to look at. The typography emphasizes the important information without overwhelming the reader.

2. Austria Solar

The Austria Solar report is unique in the sense that it’s powered by the sun and fits perfectly with the solar energy theme. The ink doesn’t show up until you take it outside. Check out this video for more information on how it works!

3. Emily Carr Institute

This report for the Emily Carr Institute has the feel of an infographic to make it more exciting to read than a regular report. It breaks up the text with visual elements and bright colours while making the important information and statistics stand out.

4. One Energy


Just because this annual report is about energy it doesn’t mean it has to be drab. The design of this report is fresh and clean and doesn’t overwhelm the reader with too much information at one time.

5. Caribou


How appropriate for a coffee shop. These illustrations provide infographics that perfectly reflect the business. It makes for a truly creative annual report design for Caribou.

6. Railinc


This annual report from Railinc uses a beautiful design and details such as gold metallic ink to make it stand out from your average report.

7. Hepworth


Annual reports don’t necessarily have to stay flat either. This brilliant design uses creative cuts and folds to give it a shape and dimension that isn’t typical of your average annual report.

8. Kennedy Space Center


Pops of colour combined with old photographs give a pop art look to the Kennedy Space Center’s annual report.

9. University of Virginia Library


What did The University of Virginia Library do for their annual report? They turned it into a story complete with illustrations, of course.

10. Law Foundation of Ontario


An annual report for a law foundation doesn’t have to be dry as this clean and professional design proves.

11. Pfizer


This pharmaceutical annual report takes a bold approach using  bright colours, graphs, and photography to spice up the report.

12. Craft Victoria


The use of different substrates makes this custom printing job even more interesting to browse. Gold metallic accents, vellum pages, and great use of design all combine to create an awesome finished product.

Have you ever seen a cool annual report? Share it, we’d love to see!

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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