Our top ten favourite free fonts

There are so many free fonts available, but how do you find the good ones? We’ve compiled a few of our favourites to help get you started on building your font collection. Be sure to double check the terms before using them on the web, but these fonts will look great on your next print designs! Let us know what your favourites are.

1. Bebas

If you need a solid typeface that looks fantastic as a title font on brochures or want to make your posters look fantastic, Bebas is a great font for that.

2. Barketina

This font has an art-deco feel to it and has an elegant yet stylist flair to it. Bonus points for still looking good in smaller sizes!

3. Corduroy Slab

Want to make your headlines stand out but bored of all the sans-serif options out there? This typeface makes a bold statement while keeping a hard-working country feel.

4. Vincent

Another options for your posters is this font. It has a slightly vintage feel while keeping a clean, bold design.

5. League Gothic

Similar to other good poster fonts, League Gothic offers some lowercase options if you’re looking for something with more flexibility.

6. Langdon

This typeface designed by Steven Bonner offers a strong typeface that will make your poster designs pop. As a caps font, it still offers a difference between caps and small caps as demonstrated by the example on the website.

7. Nougatine

This font transports you to a Parisian patisserie with its letters that mimic cookies with bites taken out of some characters. It’s great font for restaurant or bakery menu designs.

8. Great Vibes

This script font offers a clean, decorative option if you’re looking for something on the more elegant side. Great for formal event and gala invitations!

9. Doodleista Type

This font falls on the fun side. If you’re a sucker for handwritten fonts, this one is great and will add some personality to your posters and brochures.

10. Albert

This typeface has clear Victorian inspirations in the shape and lettering. It’s a great typeface to compliment your vintage designs.

What are some of your favourite fonts?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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