How to effectively tell your brand’s story


Whatever your brand is, you definitely have a story to communicate. A good, authentic story will provide people with the background that they need in order to understand your brand; it’ll create an emotional connection and help to inspire action. Take your customers and potential customers on a journey with your brand’s story.

There are many ways to tell the story of a brand or a company. Below are just a few tips on how to effectively communicate the backstory of a brand, no matter what your industry is.

Relate to your customer.

This is another way of saying the age old maxim of “benefits, not features.” Very few people aside from the most technically proficient within your industry will be interested in the features that you have created within your product, no matter how new the technology or how impressive the implementation. They are much more interested in how the product will affect their lives directly. The more that you can relate your story to the needs of another, the more interested they will be in your product.

A good story can increase your revenue.

Yeah, we said it. Instead of boring your customers with a data dump and telling your customers that they need your product, make your message more exciting. A good story can humanize a brand and it creates an emotional connection. This connection makes people react and any good story will lead your customers towards a path to some sort of action. They don’t want to feel sold to, but your story can cause the desire to take action. That’s the power of a compelling story.

Many of the most successful commercials in the modern marketing landscape create a story in which the product enriches their customers’ lives. Get your customers involved and have them help to tell your story. Check out the video below and see how Nike did this with their Make It Count campaign.

Confirm how the audience will know when their change will come.

Within your story, you must obviously incorporate the positive effect that your product or business will have on the lives of your potential customers. You must make sure that your audience knows how to pick up on the cues that their lives are better. This is the reason that exercise programs always show their clients smiling in their “after” picture – the implication is that the individual will be physically happier after they use the exercise program.

The medium matters.

Find the right medium that works for the story that you want to communicate. You don’t simply have to communicate a story face to face, but events such as a conference or trade show are a great place to start. Think digitally and use whitepapers or ebooks, podcasts, videos, and webinars to tell your story. Or for something more tangible, share your story through something such as a custom book.

Whatever works for your brand’s message, work on perfecting your storytelling skills and get out there and share it.

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Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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