Ten examples of great presentation folder design

It’s easy to overlook a folder, but having a professional folder design can help to make you stand out. The presentation of a marketing folder is just as important as the information inside. As one of the best tools that a marketer can use for identity branding, the design of the folder should be inspired, catchy and consistent with the overall branding design strategy.

Below are a few examples of great presentation folder design that everyone should be able to draw some inspiration from.

1. Priss

This folder design succeeds in not looking like your average folder while also proving to be quite functional and, of course, beautiful to look at. With a spot to showcase a business card and room to store documents, the use of chipboard also gives it an environmental feel to it.

2. A New Radio Experience

This folder design expresses a mastery over the technical aspects of design while presenting a professional-looking pitch, perfect for people who need to make an exciting first impression.

3. Extravega

You probably wouldn’t guess that this design is for a company that produces steel and glass designs. The sleek design isn’t what you would expect from a typical manufacturer, but it is perfectly suited for their focus on innovation.

4. The Healing Folder

Taking advantage of the perceptions of colour, The Healing Center uses yellow and raised graphics to bring to mind warmth and brightness to give it a cheerful, sunny disposition.

5. The Quilogy Pocket

Quilogy provides its potential clients with a folder that they can actually use in their own offices. The pocket design is helpful in the way that Quilogy aims to be.

6. Tell a story

This beautiful folder design speaks to all of the words displayed on the cover. The design appeals to all and conveys that message of design and innovation. It’s a folder that you want to pick up and explore the contents since there’s a story being told within.

7. Purite

A water purification business, Purite wins because of its attention to the perceptions of its audience. Using bright colours which bring to mind health and clarity, Purite sells its ability to purify water through its clean design.

8. Magazine presentation folder

This presentation folder for Flair Magazine has flair within itself. The custom cut edges plays to the fun design of the folder. It still tells a story and is functional while showing off the personality of the brand.

9. SwitchIt

We love how this folder carries the same design elements as the rest of this piece. It uses the same angles that are in the logo and the collateral contained inside. The photography isn’t distracting and certainly makes me curious what’s contained inside.

10. Ivy Hotel

This folder for an upscale hotel gives off a professional and clean image. It’s simple design highlights the logo detailing on the folder and the unique shape to it makes it stand out from your average folder design.

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Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

One thought on “Ten examples of great presentation folder design

  1. Beautiful! A lot of people seem to forget that a design should look professional(and formal) on its printed material. I usually go for simple and elegant designs. 🙂

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