The complete beginner’s guide to web-to-print

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Web-to-print, or remote publishing, makes it easier for people to do business with much thanks to the internet. Today, people are able to use a website to create, change, authorize and distribute marketing collateral.

Web-to-print can produce a range of promo pieces like brochures, flyers, letters, and postcards. Users simply log into a secure interface and can upload their file, browse through a catalogue to select the specific print product they need or simply reorder a past project. These sites typically contain easily customizable templates that allow the user to manipulate and enter text, images, and graphics.

How does web to print work?

Web-to-print technology exists because of the flexibility of the digital printing press. This technology allows every print impression to be unique; it can merge data from clients with a template from an online library. This allows personalized documents to be created without the need for a traditional print setup.

What are the benefits of web to print?


Regular business hours don’t apply to an online portal. You can log in during the night, on weekends and over holidays to get your orders started. As long as you have internet access, you have the ability to manage your print collateral.

Businesses can streamline and centralize their ordering process with web-to-print; online proofing and personalization options are convenient features that can help companies simplify the ordering process.

Brand consistency

It is easy to set controls to your branding rules using web-to-print. This is great for large companies with multiple locations, whether corporate or franchised. It allows you to maintain your branding guidelines while getting collateral throughout the organization quickly.

Content can be easily edited while maintaining control of brand elements. It is a balanced solution that allows diversity while keeping uniformity.

Save money & reduce waste

Web-to-print is faster than traditional methods and there is a short time between the conception and implementation of a project. With on-demand printing, a company never needs to print unnecessary items. With traditional printing, it can be hard to get a small run completed at a low price; bulk runs tend to be more economical. This causes people to print extra materials and spend money on products they don’t need.

There’s no need to purchase items in bulk when it comes to online printing so it’s both economical and cuts down on unnecessary waste. Materials often need updating and that’s easy to achieve when ordering on demand instead of ordering bulk orders of things. It’s a great way to test what works with your marketing materials and allows for continuous improvement.

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