Ten examples of unique brochure design

If you need some inspiration to design an awesome brochure, you’ve come to the right spot! Here are ten great examples of unique and effective brochure designs.

1. Lake Shore


A fold in rectangle allows this Lake Shore brochure to combine a rather busy art style with lots of information without looking amateurish. The envelope is also quite simple compared to the rest of the design, giving the reader an easy path into the rest of the brochure.

2. Nick Cave: Heavyweight/Alterskins


The designer used a neutral grey halftone for the rest of the content and design to keep an emphasis on the vivid colours and details of the textile work that the brochure is meant to display.

3. Spencer’s Crossing


The rounded edges of this brochure along with the earthy colors, the classic feel of the font choice and the envelope give an air of exclusivity to the Spencer’s Crossing brochure that will attract the clients that the business is looking for.

4. Konami Gaming KP3 Pop-Up Brochure


The gaming industry requires designs that are above and beyond. This design makes a bold statement and provides a piece that’s worth hanging on to. It feels like an escape in itself.

5. Jaan Jaak’s Deep Funk Records Brochure


Jaan Jaak takes us back to the funky days of the 1970s with this brochure that hits on the colours and imagery associated with this time. It’s got the edge that such a record company would want to strive for.

6. Tessuto Fasion


A simple yet effective brochure design speaks to the classy panache of Tessuto. The custom cut windows in the front along with the rounded corners make it more memorable than your standard folded brochure.

7. Farmers’ Market Brochure


“If you want to find joy in the city, go to a farmers’ market.” That was the advice the Joel MacCharles gave in his TEDxToronto talk. This brochure, with its fun colours and playful design, certainly evokes the joy that Joel was referring to.

8. Twombly Photography


A brochure that is showcasing an art form needs to be as simple as possible in order to let the work shine. The simple design allows the incredible photos space to speak for themselves.

9. Cantine Russo


Purity and class are highly important elements when a brochure is talking about a high value wine. The Cantine Russo brochure totally respects these values. The central image is left alone with the wine rippling like fresh water.

10. Foodland Recipe Book


This recipe brochure from Foodland Ontario provides a nice, clean design aesthetic to truly showcase the dishes and fits the message that Foodland is seeking to convey to consumers.

Now what? Time to get started on your own or find some more design inspiration. Check out these posts for more brochure information and inspiration:

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