A look at how to be creative

Creativity is complex. It requires an understanding of how we work and to truly take advantage of creativity requires letting go and searching for new processes. PBS Off Book delves into the subject and here are some of the key takeaways. What can we say? We love a little creative talk.

Determine your own creative process.

Every creative person develops their own methods of hunting down the idea that works for them. They have their own set of tools and prompts that help them to chase down their ideas, whether that’s finding ways to change their perspective or finding the workspace that works for them. Know that all ideas won’t necessarily lead somewhere, but the important thing is to keep at it because you have to start somewhere. Creativity is a process and a full blown idea isn’t going to spring out at once.

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Get other people involved and collaborate on something big.

It can feel good to create something yourself, but collaboration is a great thing to inspire more creativity. Bringing together different points of views helps to take ideas and make them even better. It’s a way to connect with other people and there’s an awesome sense of satisfaction knowing that you were a part of something bigger than something that you could’ve created on your own. Creativity plays off of the strengths and skills of the entire team.


Creativity is remixing ideas.

Making ideas harmonize together is a key part of creating something new. Nothing is original, everything is just a remix of things that are already out there in the world. We’re constantly innovating on top of platforms that already exist. For example, take the Gutenberg press (an example that we’re naturally pretty fond of!), it’s a combination of different technologies that have come together. Gutenberg took a technology from another field, the screw press, which was used to press oil or press wine, and combined it with new elements to create a new use for it. When you get stumped, start thinking outside of your field to see how they could apply to your own.

What does your creative process look like?

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