Business cards: everything you need to know to create the perfect set


When it comes to your business cards, you want to ensure you’re handing out something that truly represents you. It should be something that you’re proud to give out and communicates all of the right information. Since it’s often the first point of contact and it’s something that people will remember you by, here’s how you can ensure that you make a fantastic impression with your business cards.

What information should I include?

Include the necessary information without including too much extra content. You don’t want your card to be overcrowded. Decide what the best points of contact are for you and what the people you are giving your cards to may most prefer. Name, logo, email, important social media handles are good places to start. White space for people to make notes on is also a great idea!

How creative should I get?

Get creative. Given the constraints of your business card, feel free to get creative within the boundaries that you’re given. Consider changing the orientation, size or shape of the card to add some variety and make it stand out to your target.

Try out some finishing options. Instead of leaving the card looking fairly plain, try out different finishing options. Add a nice gloss or matte coating, or use special inks such as metallic or fluorescents to accent important parts of your card. Using different stocks can help to differentiate your card as well. Try various options from papers varying in thickness to layering paper to get a thicker stock and getting a burst of colour in the layers.

Make it interactive. If your card is useful and engages people then they’re more likely to hold onto it – or at least remember you.

How much do business cards cost?

The cost varies depending on a variety of factors. These include things such as the number of cards that you’re planning on ordering (they’re commonly ordered in batches of 250, 500, 1000, and 5000 cards) and just how creative you’re getting with them. Having different finishing options such as a unique shape, coating, special inks, and so on all add to the cost of the card but can be worth it if it means that people remember you and you get more work out of it.

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Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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