Business card design: fifteen fantastic examples

Despite the obvious technological advances in the way the business world communicates, business cards are still an incredibly viable medium for both marketing and networking. When you hand someone a business card, you’re giving them a tangible representation of you and your business that has excellent potential of resulting in a call back. So to beat the competition, you need to find ways to really beef up your business card presentation. With that in mind, here are some examples of fantastic card designs to serve as inspiration for your upcoming business card makeover.

1. Going green

A great way to distinguish your business card from the competition is to find a notable element and present it within your card’s design. Here you see a card that forms a little pocket into which microgreens can be inserted. Whoever receives this card will have a hard time forgetting such a unique presentation.

2. Cutting edge

Business cards don’t have to be boring. This card for a hairdresser allows the recipient a chance to play hairdresser themselves and cut out a hairstyle for the character on the card. Tie your business in to something interactive and fun and people will be sure to remember you.

3. Get fuzzy

The addition of texture can be an effective way to instantly make your card more memorable. Not only does this make the card less likely to get lost and forgotten in the recipient’s wallet, but it complements the theme very nicely.

4. Form and function

Paper isn’t the only medium on which business cards can be printed, and this example certainly demonstrates what happens when a concept goes extreme. Here you have a card that will not only be memorable, but will likely be a topic of conversation between the recipient and his peers.

5. Outside the box

The problem with rectangular cards is that they can too easily get lost in a recipient’s wallet. A broad, bold or circular design can eliminate this problem, and – even better – the shape of the card can allow you to accentuate a concept.

6. Can we build it?

A business card doesn’t have to be a simple listing of contact info: it can also be a way to show off your skills. If you’re in a creative or innovative field, a great card can also serve as a mini-resumé.

7. High concept

Creativity is the name of the game here. If you create something that’s cute, unique or just fun to play with, the recipient has the potential to show it to dozens of colleagues, drastically multiplying your business’ exposure.

8. Put your cards to work

A field for mapping out plays is a genius idea to add an interactive touch to a coach’s business cards. Making your cards relevant and useful is a great strategy!

9. Punch out

Here is an example of a simple punch-out design that reinforces the already-clever company name. While this card design is certainly memorable, it’s not so cumbersome that you couldn’t carry a lot at one time. And with a card this cool, everyone will want one!

10. Take it to the next level

Here’s an example of the same punch-out method taken a bit further. This type of design effectively turns your business card into a miniature pop-up book, adding huge appeal for potential clients.

11. A lot of nothing

Minimalism can be a very effective tactic when designing a business card. A simple yet intriguing card can be very professional looking, and imbue your business with a sense of sophistication.

12. Everyone loves a freebie

Never underestimate the power of free stuff. Not only does this card find a way to cleverly package some business-related freebies, but it’s extremely pleasing to the eye.

13. Stand out (literally)

This pop-up card incorporates a couple of different elements to help make it different. Since the main objective is to have prospects get in touch, they featured the website on one of the pop-up pieces so it’s visible when the card is sitting on a desk.

14. One of a kind

There’s no beating the moment where theme, design and concept all come together. Here you see one such example. This idea works on so many levels, it’s likely to keep people talking throughout this young woman’s entire career.

15. Forced perspective

Another great example of creative perforation, this card tempts the recipient to punch out the box and start “framing” objects around them. However, it’s impossible to look through the box without being faced with the name and contact info of the business.

What’s the coolest business card you’ve seen? Share it in the comments!

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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