Five huge mistakes businesses make with their posters

If you’re like many Canadian business owners, posters and banners have been a big part of your print marketing strategy at one point or another. However, many businesses make huge mistakes when it comes to designing their posters and this directly hurts their ROI. Below are some of the most popular errors – along with some ways to fix them:

1. Trying to cram in a large number of messages at once

In order to bring an effective message to a group of people, that message should be clear and without distraction. Many businesses try to include their entire philosophy on every poster that they create just because there is more space on a poster than on a brochure or a business card. Remember: just because this type of canvas has more space does not mean that a potential customer will spend the time to peruse the entire thing.

The Fix: Focus on one message and make it immediately stand out! For instance, focus on a new product, an event, or a special offer rather than advertising the company as a whole.

2. Printing on low-quality materials just to save money

Not only do low-quality materials tend to last a shorter length of time when exposed to the elements, they also create a negative perception of your company.

The Fix: Instead of printing a large number of posters on low-quality material to stay within a budget, focus your efforts on targeted areas and print high-quality posters for higher conversion rates.

3. Not paying attention to printing conventions

Every print shop is different. You must pay attention to the capabilities, and the bleed and margin requirements, of the print shop that you’ve chosen to print your posters. If you assume that all print-outs will look the same, you may find that your posters don’t turn out as you see them on the computer screen.

The Fix: Have a number of print shops in your area print you a proof of your poster before you commit to a full run.

4. Printing in black and white just to save money

Unless you are going colourless for a particular reason, printing in black and white just to save money is one of the easiest ways to get your poster ignored. Black and white printing requires a completely different set of specs in order to look professional. Do not think that your poster will automatically have the panache of those incredible B&W photographs of the horizon that are hanging in restaurants. Those pictures were meant to be reproduced in black and white.

The Fix: Again, save money by focusing your distribution efforts rather than skimping on your poster production. Colour can make a huge difference in terms of making your poster stand out in a busy marketplace.

5. Getting a little too creative with the fonts

The type on your posters should be easy to read from a distance. Complexity is not a substitute for simple attractiveness. The eye-catching part of your poster should be the message.

The Fix: Make sure that your fonts are big enough and that the colours do not bleed into the background. Use the colour wheel to determine which colours go best with each other.

What mistakes do you see most often on posters? Comment below!

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

3 thoughts on “Five huge mistakes businesses make with their posters

  1. Good to know.
    A couple of my customers used low res images which never looks good. It sure is hard to tell what a poster is going to look like on a 22″ screen. Whatever program you are using, view the poster at 100% and scroll all over to make sure images and fonts are clear.
    For bannerstands, make sure you get the correct size to work with. Not all stands are the same.
    If you need advice or need some kind of solution, we can help.

  2. Ohh!… PROOFREAD! Print out a few smaller copies and have a few people look at it before it gets signed off. It will prevent large mistakes.

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