Eight excellent examples of postcard design

Postcards are a great marketing tool for businesses who want to expand their reach in their local area. Marketing postcards are usually 4” x 6” – not a lot of space for a designer to work with. In that small area, the designer needs to get across an effective message and call-to-action, while maintaining an uncluttered, visually appealing presentation. While a blog post displaying all the ways that various designers have failed at this would be very entertaining, we feel it would be far more educational to present a few examples from designers who’ve managed to get it right. Below are a few examples of great postcard design.

Landscape designer

This postcard idea for a landscape designer uses dotted lines to signify cutting and pasting. It’s a playful design that showcases the concept of what a landscape designer does.

Delightful direct mail


This direct mail piece uses bright colours and patterns to quickly catch the attention of the person receiving the piece. Although it’s a little text-heavy, it includes an offer on the back helping to improve the response rate.

The Shoe Chronicles

Think outside the page and incorporate other elements into your design! We love that the designer used shoelaces to connect the piece back to the name.

Minimal colour, minimum type, maximum space

In this example you can see how minimal colour (red and blue) have been combined with a dramatic typographic display and curiosity-inducing theme to ensure – at the very least – a second glance!

Meghan Huntz

This beautiful, clean postcard puts the spotlight on the photographs of this designer’s dresses. Keeping everything simple and elegant focuses attention right where it should be without distractions.

Wonderful wine card

Pour out something unique. Breaking from the typical postcard size, it combines two squares into a cohesive design that makes it seem as if you’re pouring a glass of wine.

Milk carton postcard

Now to get interactive! This postcard folds up to the shape of a milk carton. Having something unique like this to engage your audience will really make you stand out.

Portfolio show

In this example, old-school display typography and bold, clean graphic design elements combine along a unifying theme to create a one-of-a-kind marketing piece.

No matter what your goal or who your target audience, it’s important to remember that the restrictions you feel when designing on a smaller template are often in your head – not on the page. Utilized correctly, 24 square inches can be a lot more interesting than you – or your audience – would ever expect. Contact a TPH® branch near you if you want to learn more about how we can help you create awesome postcards or any other type of marketing collateral.

What great postcard designs have you seen? Share them in the comments!

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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