26 restaurant menu designs that will make your mouth water

Let’s face it, presentation is everything. Many elements — from the atmosphere and appearance right down to the menu design — impact our experience.

Many successful restaurants are just as famous for their unique, professional and eye-catching menu designs as they are for their atmosphere and their cuisine itself. Below are a few examples of restaurant menu designs that have caught our attention.

1. Restaurant menu design

This menu design features incredible colours and illustrations to make it pop.

2. Bill’s Fried Chicken

You’ll often catch people using a menu to fan themselves on a hot patio in the summer, so why not make the menu into a fan itself? This clever design is not only useful, but the bright colours and illustrations are sure to catch your eye.

3. Maison de Alice

This menu for a tea house offers an elegant design that suits the atmosphere for such an establishment. There’s a cut-out that helps the menu stand up on the table and house-dried flowers that add to the charm!

4. Burlap

The country western-themed restaurant does itself justice on its imaginative menu, portraying a dynamic cowboy scene in a colour style that brings us back to the advertisements of spaghetti western movies.

5. Kay Bros Barbecue

This clean design uses the occasional pop of colour to highlight certain parts while keeping a beautiful, minimalistic feel to the design.

6. Spirit of ’77

Spirit of ’77 brings back the good ol’ days with an authenticity that feel as if they have been captured by someone who lived it. Everything from the texture of the paper to the font choice to the colour scheme had to be perfect, and they nailed it.

7. Island Creek Oyster Bar

With wise use of white space, a courageous use of small font and a simple yet effective cover for the menu, the Island Creek Oyster Bar captures a spirit of freshness and open air.

8. Maaemo

In perhaps the most geometrically spirited menu design of any of these examples, Maaemo takes an original spin in leading its customers to its product. The menu starts as a closed diamond and opens into a square. The process of folding and unfolding it reminds one of the practice of origami, which adds a luxurious flair to the design.

9. Cozmo Café

We love how this menu is organized and they had a great use of icons to draw attention to certain areas without making it feel cluttered.

10. Illegal Burger

Bright, bold menu design. We love the typography and colour of it.

11. Boston Pizza

I spy a Canadian company! It’s the details of this cover that really make this menu design stand out from the rest.

12. The Commons Bar

This menu has a vintage flair to it and it looks awesome. The graphics don’t take away from the content of the menu itself and it’s an overall great design.

13. The Spence

This menu design is super hip and we love the recurring key and wine bottle theme to it. It gives it a classy look.

14. Chevy’s

This drink menu has so much personality to it, it’s an amazing design. So colourful!

15. Cafe Kafka

Oppositely, you don’t always need a burst of colour to make a menu look good. This one goes back to basic black and white.

16. ‘Wich

This sleek menu design gives you a peek at what you’re ordering and kind of resembles an infographic. No wonder we love it.

17. Lucy’s

This menu design is clean, organized, and visually appealing. All great qualities to have in a restaurant menu!

18. Cask & Larder

This menu takes advantage of some cool typographic styles and a beautiful colour palette to make it stand out from the rest.

19. Founders Brewing Co.

The hand-drawn style of type makes this daily specials menu a pleasure to look at.

20. Luna e Pomodoro

With simple banners for the section headers and clean typography, this menu design looks really sleek. We love how they mount their menus on beautiful branded clipboards.

21. Coffee Avenue

This coffee shop’s menu features cool infographics that visually describe the difference between various coffee drinks.

22. Restaurant Cafe menu design

restaurant-cafe-menu design
This brand identity for a restaurant and cafe uses three colours to carry our their visual identity throughout the different elements from coffee bags and cups to their menus. Looks clean and consistent!

23. The Silly Goose

Here’s another design that uses a clipboard to show off nicely laid out typography. This design is easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

24. Mundo Literario

This design uses a basic colour palette that goes a long way to show off their menu in such style.

25. Mama Joy’s

Another clipboard, another great design. The burnt red adds a nice pop of colour to these restaurant menus.

26. Torotoro

These bold menu designs for a fusion restaurants use bright punches of colour to showcase a lot of personality on these print pieces.

Have you seen any awesome menu designs that caught your attention? Share them in the comments, we’d love to see them!

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