Four tips to impress with your next report

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You want to impress with your report, don’t you? Of course you do and that’s why you need to make it stand out. From important data to quality printing, here’s everything you need to consider for creating a winning report.


Once you have a clear purpose, it’s easy to see where everything else falls into place. When you can demonstrate a clear understanding of the purpose, it’s much easier to tie the details together throughout the rest of the report.

Data, data, data.

When it comes to filling in the body of your report, make sure that it’s filled with data. Show your research and hard numbers when you can, and their sources. Talk savings if you can because that’s sure to make your customer’s — or boss’ — eyes light up!


As with most professional interactions that you have, end with a clear outline of the next steps. This is an area where you can add value by offering clear and logical solutions to a business problem.

Presentation is everything.

A study conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that 64% of workers prefer ink on paper when it comes to reading. Research shows that people absorb information better that way than from a screen and paper shows that you mean business. You have a compelling story to tell with your report and printing it out on quality, environmentally-certified paper can help you to share that in the most professional fashion.

What makes a report stand out to you?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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