Colour psychology: how colour affects your marketing and branding

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Did you know that using the right colours in your marketing collateral can lead to increased success for your business? Psychologists have determined that colour plays an important role in how we perceive messages. When creating your marketing collateral, your colour choice can have a tremendous impact on the mood you are trying to create for your brand. Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular colours and the emotions they’re associated with:

Seeing red

Fiery red indicates feelings of intense passion. Anger and love are two sides of the emotional intensity often signified by red. It can also mean danger. If you’re not in the business of selling romantic items or fire protection equipment, you can still use red in your marketing collateral. The key is to apply red sparingly. This colour will create feelings of urgency and heightened awareness. It’s often used to highlight warnings or to incite immediate action. This works well for putting emphasis on those marketing buzzwords that you want to stand out.

Excited orange

Many large restaurant chains use shades of orange and yellow in their decor for a reason. Orange creates a certain degree of excitement in the viewer. While this colour will not create the feeling of urgency that red generates, it will be somewhat rousing. Fast food restaurants use orange to increase the hunger level of its patrons, as well as to hurry them along.

Feeling blue

Blue, the most frequently used colour when it comes to marketing and branding, signifies feelings of belonging, reliability and trust. Since blue is often associated with calm and tranquillity, this is a great colour to use to create, in your customer, a sense of belonging. Perhaps this is why banks, insurance companies and brands such as Facebook rely on that colour to represent them. If your website has a lot of content, blue is an ideal colour because it makes the viewer feel comfortable and more inclined to check out your content.

Green with envy

More than just the image of jealousy, the colour green symbolizes rebirth, hope, wealth and nature. Bright green can foster a feeling of happiness, just like spring after a long winter. Green works best for companies involved with the environment, food, money and health. Also, it’s the colour that’s easiest on the eyes!

Royal hues of purple

The colour of royalty, wisdom, creativity, and spirituality, the use of purple in marketing collateral can help create a feeling of richness and professionalism or associate your brand with creativity. Think of warm fall fabrics or the perfect cabernet, and you’ll have an idea of how the use of purple will influence the viewers of your marketing collateral.

More than black and white

As you can see, the use of colour in marketing collateral is more important than you may have considered. Although white (light and goodness) and black (power and prestige) can both be used to powerfully represent your brand, if you educate yourself on the psychology of colour, you can create materials that more effectively convey the central message of your business.

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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