Eight excellent examples of rounded-corner business cards

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional square-cut business cards, choosing a card with rounded corners might be a good start! Rounded corners provide more room for design creativity. They also present a clean, professional and creative look that shows your potential clients that you care about design.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are eight great examples of rounded-corner business cards:

Chris Fisher, Radio Presenter


The rounded corners make it possible to design this business card to look like a microphone. The sweeping shape of the custom-cut grooves in the microphone’s cover looks practical with the rounded corners serving as the card’s frame.

Cheri Cunningham, Designer


The red type on the silver-grey background makes a bold visual statement, and clearly presents important contact and identifying information on Bocca-Latte’s business card. Here the card’s designer matched the font with the rounded corners, and the bold red letters give the card a punchy and professional look.



Rounded corners are perfect for this clever hinge on hinge design. You can also see the potential for a sandwich board design in this example.



The unique design of Digitalfish’s business card takes rounded corners and adds transparency to create an aquatic effect.



Mindpower’s square business card makes a bold and solid impression with rounded corners that accentuate the square shape of the card. The use of a deep blue-green background and a simple logo with only three words lets the business’s name and its purpose take centre stage.

Red Rocket Development


The cotton-paper effect with a sans-serif font in red gives a beautiful contrast, and lets the contact information stand out. The soft corners present the engineering firm and its representative in a warm, approachable manner.

Rogues Hollow Productions


This unforgettable business card is perfect for a design company. The grungy look, rule-breaking design and rounded corners denote cutting-edge creativity.



The clean, appealing business card created for Elements, an interior design firm, uses basic black and white along with silver foil, spot UV coating and rounded corners to really make the recipient take notice.

We hope the examples above will give you some new ideas for your business card design. As you can see, rounded corners can add flare and style, and present you and your business in a professional and impressive manner.

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Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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