Five simple steps to improve your marketing response rates

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Examine the points of contact.

Points of contact occur when your potential customer interacts with your marketing message. This can mean a person looking at your billboard ad or flipping to a page online that you sponsor. Eliminate from your marketing efforts the points of contact that do not lead to a conversion action.

You can quantify statistics through focus groups or surveys that ask where a customer ran into the advertisement; however, these studies are notoriously unreliable in this specific case. People don’t always remember where they read about a company, especially a company with a widespread marketing effort. A better way to find out once and for all is to focus the marketing effort of the company on one medium, then another, then another, comparing the results much more effectively.

Streamline the sales journey.

Although this tip applies specifically to online marketing materials, the theory can be extrapolated to include all marketing materials. The idea is to cut down on the amount of actions that your potential customer must perform from the beginning of his interaction with you to the end.

Online, the main action is usually a mouse click. Every mouse click that you can eliminate without the cannibalization of your message increases the rate of conversion.

To a point, the same theory applies to page turns or words used in print. Be sure to present all relevant information upfront and quickly finish the story that your marketing is telling.

Give the right call to action.

There are so many ways to tell a customer to get in touch with you these days: phone, email, website, store visit. Find out how your customers prefer to purchase your products or their preferred method of contact. If you run a service-oriented business that requires in-store service such as a barber shop, this is a relatively easy task. However, even if the final destination of that call to action is easy, the premise may not be.

Are you accessing emotion in your call to action as well as asking for business? “Call now” may need to become “call now for excitement/perfection/[insert emotional feeling that your service provides here].” Remember that people are after good feelings no matter what they buy. Find out exactly what feelings your service or product gives to your customers and remind them of it in every call to action.

Emotive messaging works wonders!

Advertisements today also need to elicit some type of emotion whether that emotion be humour, nostalgia, or even sadness. When you are picking a theme for your ads, pick an emotion as well and make sure that your advertisement adheres to invoking it.

Remember that people are responding to the feelings that your product/service is providing for them, not necessarily the product/service itself. Find the right emotion for your wares and you will see your response rate soar.

Everyone likes a giveaway.

It may not hurt to include an offer with your marketing materials. However, your giveaway does not necessarily have to cost you anything! Providing prospects with free information, such as a whitepaper, showcases your knowledge in your field and assists in establishing you as an expert. This positioning helps to reduce any barriers that potential customers have to converting.

What other barriers do you face when it comes to your marketing?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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