Nine tips to create effective leaflets for your business

printing toronto, printing vancouver, printing ottawa, printing calgary, printing halifaxLeaflets can be a great marketing tool if used properly. However, success will depend mainly on the leaflet’s design. Here are nine tips you should follow to make sure your leaflets catch your customer’s attention in a positive way!

1. Perform the due diligence on your audience first.

Before putting pen to paper or starting the design, you must be fully aware of who your audience is and what their needs are. Also, you need to determine what your objective is with this leaflet. What is your call to action? Do you want people to go to your website or call you? This will be actualized in your written brief, which will be given to your designer to help him or her turn your ideas and your copy into a printed piece.

2. Create a killer headline.

The headline must be have an immediate effect on your audience. People look at the top three or so inches of a leaflet in order to determine whether or not to delve deeper into the content. Make sure that your headline catches your potential customers’ attention and gets them wanting to know more about your message.

3. Your message must come across strong while being brief.

The best messages – for all purposes, really – are clear, brief and immediate. Keep your paragraphs short and use structured, unit-based formatting tools such as bullet points and numerical columns. Separating sub-topics with bold headings is also a highly useful technique.

4. A judicious use of pictures can say much more than text.

On the front cover of your leaflet, pictures are much more powerful than words, in much less space. On the inside covers, pictures can add reinforcement to text. If your business has a physical location, a good idea is to include a small map on the back page.

5. How is your formatting?

Consider where your leaflet is going to be. Is it going to be as part of a package or on display on a stand of leaflets and flyers? You’ll need to size it accordingly. Most leaflets are made with an 8.5×11” page folded into thirds.

6. Use quality paper.

One of the worst things that can happen to your leaflet is a “flop”, which obscures all of your information when your leaflet is placed on a shelf. You can avoid the flop through one simple trick: use quality paper. Measure so that the height of your leaflet is 21 cm tall, as this optimum height lets your leaflet stand above your competition’s without slouching.

7. Add some incentive to respond.

To increase the likelihood of people responding to your piece, include a special offer that will entice your audience. It will help to maximize your return on investment and also allow you to measure and analyze how effective your campaign has been.

8. Check your work, then check it again.

There is nothing worse than going to print and then later noticing a spelling error . Have the copy on your leaflet proofread at least twice – once yourself and at least once with someone else to ensure everything is perfect.

9. Let AIDA be your guide.

Double check your leaflet using AIDA. If your leaflet entices attention, creates interest, convinces customers that they desire the product or service and leads the customer to action, then you’re on your way to enjoying a successful print campaign.

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

What makes a leaflet stand out to you?

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