Four things affecting the cost of your business cards

Having a stash of business cards within easy reach is a basic and necessary tool for serious business owners. If you’re trying to attract new customers and widen your professional network, a carefully designed card is great way to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Business cards are not all created equal. For instance, production costs are low for cookie-cutter pre-designed cards with the business name, contact person and contact information, but these might not be the best choice if you truly want to stand out from your competitors. Let’s look at some factors that influence business card prices:

Size it up

printing toronto, printing vancouver, printing ottawa, printing calgary, printing halifaxWhen everyone else’s business cards are the traditional rectangular cards, rounded corners or odd shapes give your card a distinctive look. When a customer has a whole stack of business cards all shaped the same, wouldn’t you like for them to be able to find yours first because it doesn’t blend in with the rest? A little extra money spent here might make all the difference in the world. Some intriguing examples include:

  • A card shaped like a guitar to promote a music shop
  • A round card shaped like a plate, to promote food services
  • A card shaped like a dog’s bone, to advertise a pet shop

Two-sided printing

Printing on the back of the card costs more initially, but the trade-off is that you can add more information without crowding it all onto the front. What you put on the back is up to you, but most business owners like to put their logo and slogan. Others opt for putting a slogan on the front and business hours on the back. It’s also a good idea to list your most popular products or services on the back.

Pictures and images

Adding a photograph can push up the overall price of ordering business cards, but it adds a personal touch. Here’s where you can really express the personality of your business, so choose your photo carefully. Images are an effective way to get potential customers to remember you, and business cards with graphics are more likely to get noticed. Some business owners choose to add their own photo, but any image that captures the essence of your business will work.

Use of colour

printing toronto, printing vancouver, printing ottawa, printing calgary, printing halifaxYour card says a lot about you and your business, so make sure it doesn’t say the wrong thing. Different coloured cards make different statements, and knowing how the psychology of colour can work to your advantage can keep you from sending the wrong message. For example, black cards denote power, and gray is conservative and neutral. Red cards add excitement and passion, green suggests nature and the environment, and turquoise appeals to both male and female consumers. Things such as spot colours or metallic ink can affect the overall cost of your cards while improving the look and feel of your brand.

As you can see, there are a variety of factors that affect the cost of your business cards. The beauty of business cards is that they can be designed any way you want, and the only limits are your creativity. As one tool in your overall marketing strategy, a cleverly designed card can help you catch the attention of your target audience. With that in mind, don’t let cost be the sole deciding factor when determining the right card for your business.

What’s the first thing you look for in a business card? What catches your attention?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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