Five packaging ideas to spark your imagination

Because first impressions are critical in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s important to come up with unique and stylish packaging that will make your products stand out! The five companies below have done their homework and come up with truly awesome packaging concepts.

Less is more

1_10_13_ gargalo_7

Gargalo’s new line of liqueurs sports a design so simple that it goes against the grain of traditional marketing while screaming “Look here for flavour and sophistication!” Its “Orujo” (made of the residue from wine production), herbal liqueur, coffee liqueur and cream liqueur are bottled with plain white labels each stamped with a given number. This strategy aims at underscoring Gargalo’s coolness and elegance.

Party food


Tostitos jazzed up its packaging with a redesign that is in keeping with its original colour scheme. The new design evokes a party theme, suggesting that having a few bags of Tostitos on hand will liven up the fun. A picture of Tostitos dip on the bag subtly reminds the consumer of how well the company’s dips go with the chips. The tortilla-chip shaped cut-out gives a peek inside the bag and the overall look of the package highlights the social and party aspect of the brand.

Sophisticated sweets

1_6_12_ chocoattitude_3

Not many consumers think of chocolate as anything more than a decadent means to satisfy a chocoholic’s sweet tooth, but Bessermachen DesignStudio infuses Coca Luxery Chocolates with personality. The box is stamped with Forrest Gump’s favourite phrase, “Life is like a box of chocolates” and filled with 12 smaller, round boxes of chocolates, each one representing a different character/archetype. The result is billed as “chocolates with attitude.”

Spice with a twist

1_9_13_ catlady_15

Cat-Lady gives a common kitchen spice – vanilla – new life with creative packaging and clever printing and design. The label says the contents are “made with love and Madagascar vanilla beans,” and the rubber stamp lends authenticity. The words “vanilla extract” look hand-written and the jar caps are covered in plain brown paper that’s been imprinted using a personal embosser. Each jar is then carefully placed in a hand-stamped muslin bag.

From the farm


Australian chef and restaurant owner Hamish Ingram markets his jars of oils, dressings, gourmet sauces and relishes using plain white labels that contrast in an extremely eye-catching way with the bold black lettering printed on them. The lettering evokes a down-home, agricultural feel through its worn letterpress-inspired texture, reflecting the simplicity and quality of the products represented. The careful design sets the products apart from their mass-produced competitors. The packaging appeals to consumers with gourmet tastes looking for items that are out-of-the ordinary.
Each of the above companies took the time to design a package that professionally showcases the personality of their brand.

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What are some of your favourite packaging designs?

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