Five examples of minimalistic business cards

If you absolutely want your business card to convey a positive image of your company, you may want to think twice about your design. Going with a cheap pre-made design can actually hurt your brand. It is best to take the time to come up with an ingenious design that will make your card highly noticeable and bring new customers through your door.

Typically, minimalist business card designs are preferred because they are clean, non-aggressive and maintain a tidy, professional look. The business cards below are minimalist and professional while giving a clear impression about the company they represent. Check them out!

The Greenwich Hotel


This is a great business card for advertising and generating business to a hotel. The colours are bright and the typography sharp and clean. It definitely portrays elegance with a very creative twist.



These sleek cards keep it clean and professional, highlighting the logo and the company’s design skills with thoughtful typography and great use of negative space.

Themis Law


A lawyer always wants to convey a sense of professionalism and authority to his potential clients. Themis Law’s professional and elegant business card does just that! It features an easy-to-read font and a polished, organized look.

Del Barco

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This card, designed by Malota Projects, is a great example of successful minimalist design. It’s clean and uses colour well – and you immediately know that Del Barco is in the hairdressing business.

Yung Tsai Graphic Design


This graphic designer’s business card features a strong use of colour and clean lines to immediately grab your attention.

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