Direct mail isn’t dead

printing toronto, printing vancouver, printing ottawa, printing calgary, printing halifaxWith 21st-century technology, most business owners these days feel they’re too sophisticated for old-fashioned marketing techniques. Online marketing has widely become a popular replacement for TV, radio and direct mail advertising. But direct mail isn’t dead yet, and there are some good reasons why!

The statistics are revealing

Doing business electronically may be the IN thing to do, but there is simply no substitute for direct mailings to deliver your message. Online marketing is hit-or-miss and runs the risk of being scattered, but low-tech marketing using “snail mail” lets your business target specific groups of consumers with better results. Did you know that delivering your message by post increases the chances of it being read? In fact, according to statistics from Canada Post:

  • 95 percent of Canadians read their mail the same day it arrives. That’s up from 93 percent in 2007.
  • 68 percent read it as soon as they get it. Another 27 percent look at it later that day.

Often, online marketing strategies result in cluttered email boxes with your messages going unread and eventually deleted. Those messages are also likely to end up in the spam or junk mail folder. In reality, your customers’ mailboxes are less cluttered than their email.

Back to the basics

Despite new technologies on the market, a large portion of the population still prefers snail mail, often simply because they cannot keep up with all the new gadgets and devices. According to Canada Post:

  • 67 percent of Canadian consumers prefer direct mail over an electronic version.
  • 63 percent of Canadians report that they like to check their mailbox for postal mail.
  • 49 percent of Canadians say they devote more attention to postal mail than email.

Using direct mail is a great way to personalize your message. An email is just electronic data that can easily get caught in the junk mail folder. A piece of mail delivered by post that the customer can retrieve from the mailbox and hold in their hand makes a longer-lasting impression than an email. Additionally, there is no spam filter for direct mail.

Attract new leads

As far as an attention-getter, most consumers are accustomed to tuning out online advertisements, so using direct mail is a good way to call attention to your product or service. A personally addressed piece of mail is far more likely to elicit a curious “What’s in the envelope?” response than an email. In many cases, direct mail marketing has more impact than email.

Before you rule out direct mail as an effective method to generate new leads while retaining your existing customer base, think again. A carefully executed and well-written direct mail campaign can keep you in the front of the pack in a competitive marketplace. So whether you’re managing your ad campaign in-house or outsourcing it to freelancers, remember that direct mail is an important tool in your advertising arsenal.

How often do you use direct mail for your marketing?

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