Five ways to use QR codes to market your business

printing toronto, printing vancouver, printing ottawa, printing calgary, printing halifaxQuick response codes, more commonly known as QR codes, are two-dimensional codes that are readable by QR scanners, and smartphones. They’re similar to the barcodes used in retail. Small businesses can benefit in many ways from the ability to embed information in QR codes.

Creative business owners actively use QR codes as part of their marketing campaigns. In fact, you can integrate QR codes into your existing marketing collateral to:

  • drive web traffic
  • grow email lists
  • develop a social media fan base
  • funnel prospects to a landing page
  • provide real-time information
  • offer free downloads or coupons, and much more!

You can even offer a special QR-only discount or coupon. It’s easier than you think to customize marketing materials with quick response codes. Here are just five ways QR codes can help you market your products or services:

  1. Use QR codes to encourage social sharing. Is your business active on social media? Make it worth your customers’ while to share via QR codes and you may be able to garner some viral attention. At the least, you’ll increase brand awareness as people spread your company’s name throughout their networks.
  2. With all of the contact information that people exchange in this digital age, business cards can be enhanced with QR codes. By adding a QR code to your business cards, you enable people to get all of the information they need with the push of a button.
  3. Adding QR codes to posters can be a real game-changer. Instead of a static piece of paper, you can present an interactive experience that provides real value.
  4. Integrate QR codes to promotional materials like brochures and flyers. For an even bigger impact, offer a coupon or discount that can be obtained by scanning the QR code.
  5. As long as you select a style that has some sort of flat surface, stress balls can be another original use for QR codes! Most people hang on to stress balls, if for nothing else than the prospect of temporary relaxation.

As you can see, the uses for QR codes are really only limited by your imagination. They can be great tools for capturing consumers’ attention. QR codes are ideal for highly populated or travelled environments, especially where people are walking or waiting. Whether you decide to make them part of your primary marketing mix, use them as part of a guerilla advertising campaign, or utilize them for a one-off event like a contest or promotion, QR codes can be a simple and effective way to spread your message.

You can find a QR code generator here or contact your local TPH manager for help on how to generate one.

Do you currently incorporate QR codes into your business materials?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

3 thoughts on “Five ways to use QR codes to market your business

  1. Great article! I think QR codes are still one of the most misunderstood components in Marketing today! It’s a great (and cost effective) way to connect Print to Digital.

    1. Thanks, Printchomp! QR codes are a great example of how print and digital aren’t enemies at all – they provide so many creative opportunities to engage your customer and be able to track your results!

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