Unique marketing collaterals you can create with custom cutting

Custom cutting is a technology that lets your imagination soar. In the past, expensive dies needed to be made for every custom cut. Now, computer-guided cutting makes the process less labour-intensive, giving you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life much more easily than before. Custom cutting can allow you to create all types of unique collateral materials, such as…

Product labels

Custom food labelsDigitally guided custom cutting is more accurate and precise than ever. With a computerized X-ACTO knife, you can create intricate product labels in a variety of shapes. Whatever type of label you desire can be cut, giving you a great custom look for your product. Create a custom-cut label that draws attention to a gorgeous illustration or use a label with cut-outs to draw attention to a particular area of your product or the package. The possibilities are literally endless!

Custom-shaped packages

Not only can you create stunning labels for your products, but you can also create packages that convey your message and stand out from the competition. Nearly any shape you want can be made into a package for your product. Imagine beyond the box and consider what you can do with custom cutting. Why not try a triangular-shaped package, or something in a non-traditional shape? Box your cat treats in a miniature cardboard kitty or your lipstick in a dainty paper purse. Go wild and create a few package designs: you’ll never look at a box the same way. To get some inspiration for unique packaging ideas, check out this blog post we published a few weeks ago.

Packaging with cut-outs

Custom packages design and printingCustom cutting is a great way to draw attention to the product within. Use strategically placed cut-outs to draw attention to key areas of your product. We’ve all the seen the pasta box with the window. With custom cutting you can create cut-outs in precise shapes that convey the spirit of your product. Go ahead and give your customers a peek! Creating innovative packaging is easier than ever.

However you decide to employ custom cutting, it will allow you to create stunning marketing collateral that will help you stand out from your competition. Customers love packaging that’s out of the ordinary, and now with the ease and cost-effectiveness of computer-guided custom cutting, you’ll love it, too.

What are your favourite custom-cut designs?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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