8 unique business card designs that think outside the rectangle

If you want your business card to truly stand out, you need to think beyond the typical box! Innovative thinking can sometimes mean thinking outside the traditional rectangle and giving your card a custom shape that’s related to the type of business you’re in.

To give you some inspiration, here are a few unique business cards that steer clear of the conventional rectangle design…

Tag Communication Services

Tag Communication Services takes a fun approach by playing on the name of their business and using business cards shaped like dog tags.


Lush, a lawn and property enhancement company, may have stuck with the rectangle shape, but their business cards still deserve a mention for thinking outside of the rectangle. The cards are actually sample packets of their product!

James A.W. Mahon’s

Divorce lawyer James A.W. Mahon’s business card appears to be a rectangle; it’s actually two squares. Perforations allow the rectangle to be easily divided into two parts, like the assets of his clients.

Razor’s Edge Design & Construction

Razor’s Edge Design & Construction also has a sharp card. This riff on the traditional business card design serves as a graphic reminder of the business name.


Gabeferreira.com has experimented with combining the medium and the content into one single design. Gabe’s business card design “says it all” without saying much at all.

Mais Pilates Studio

This business card for a Pilates studio is an attention-getter and a conversation starter. Again, the design of the card reminds everyone what business the company is in.

Stella and Dot’s

Stella and Dot’s business cards have a fresh design and the funky shape is sure to leave an impression.

Tam Cargo

Tam Cargo’s business card has a few visual elements that speak to the nature of their business. The fact that people can fold the business card into a box (that will probably make them think about shipping cargo!) is just an added bonus.

We hope all of these creative examples provide inspiration and give you some ideas about how to stand out from the crowd. Next time you order business cards, consider thinking outside of the rectangle!

What are some of your favourite unique business card designs?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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