Seven unique packaging examples that involve custom cutting

When you’re trying to develop a distinctive, eye-catching package for your product, prototypes help you test out different ideas and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Traditionally, prototyping has been expensive and time-consuming, but custom cutting can streamline the process.

Unlike traditional die-cutting, computer-guided custom cutting can be done economically for any quantity on a short timeline. It’s ideal for producing prototypes, letting you see your ideas for packaging brought to life.

To give you an idea of some of the unique ways that custom cutting can help you create an exceptional packaging prototype, take a look at these clever designs:

1. Hopper

The unique shape of the Hopper neck label creates negative space that evokes the feeling of a church window on bottles of this monastery-brewed Belgian beer.

2. Leafy Tea

custom cutting packages

The elegant cut-out in the front of this tea packaging reveals the flavour of the tea framed by a circular window and hanging tea leaves. The refillable package flips open on the diagonal to provide easy access to the teabags.

3. Ted’s Sweet Treat

Custom packaging example

Looking like candy-coloured, upside-down ice cream cones, the confectionary-inspired packaging for Ted’s Sweet Treat eau de toilette purse sprays demonstrates how custom cutting can create just the right ambiance for a product.

4. Astra


The detail in the shape of these new Astra beer labels demonstrates the precision that custom cutting can bring to a package’s design. The illustrations are pretty cool, too!

5. Tomette

Custom labels example

The double keyhole in the packaging for Tomette prepared foods lets customers see the food while reading the mouthwatering description on the front. What could be more tempting?

6. Pasta La Vista

custom die cut packaging

If the last example didn’t make you hungry enough, take a look at Pasta La Vista’s inventive packaging. The cut-outs in the outer part of the pasta package provide a view of the pasta inside, which doubles as the hair of the chef pictured on the outside of the container.

7. Stafidenios Raisins

custom cut packaging

When it comes to dual purpose, it’s hard to beat this innovative package for Stafidenios Raisins. After you eat the raisins, you can turn the package into a cute paper toy! Multiple toy options keep customers coming back for more!

What are some of your favourite examples of unique packaging?

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